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MaxIVRStudio Publisher's Description

  1. MAX IVR Studio Features:
    • Performance and Effectiveness:
      • Call key select menus and ability for caller to enter numbers (data entry).
      • Unlimited (selectable) out-going messages and menus.
      • Fully programmable setup with examples.
      • call transfer (subject to your company PBX features).
      • call simulator is included so you can test your system off-line.
      • extended message play on key press including support for wav , GSM and a number of other formats.
      • Text-to-Speech voice synthesis as an alternative to recording or importing wav or GSM files.
      • ability to access any database through ODBC.
      • support socket programming where can be sent/receive data to/from another PCs.
      • support broadcasting actions such as send Email, Fax and SMS.
      • ability to record message or record all the calls.
      • support any arithmetic operations.
      • ability to edit the windows registry.
      • ability to import external files or run other software to process data or report information.
    • Reliability, Scalability, and Flexibility
      • easy to use, graphical representation of common tape-deck controls, Pull-down menus and extensive on-line help files that greatly
      • reduce the need for costly user training
      • visual displays of audio waveforms make it easy to see the effects of editing
      • open development and editing environment provides choice and flexibility in importing and exporting audio files in a variety of formats import/export functions facilitate the interchange of audio files with other desktop system using WAV and GSM audio files
      • easy to export IVR tree file and its audio files in only on ZIP file and can import this ZIP file
      • easy to change the nodes, links colors when design trees or in simulator
      • easy to edit the properties of each node through the properties panel
      • easy to create/delete any variable and change its value through the variables panel

  2. Full Version Features:
    • Ability to generate asterisk dial plan with infinite number of nodes.
    • Nodes that support the following operations.
      • playwave, play sound file wav or gsm.
      • playvalue, play value digits.
      • hangup, disconnect the call.
      • DTMF, get only one input from user based on go to menu.
      • MULTIDTMF, get multi DTMF until # key.
      • SendDTMF, send DTMFs on the line.
      • arithmetic operations ( set Var ,Op and compare Nodes) make arithmetic operation such as compare ,increment , decrement variable.
      • wait, wait for some period.
      • client / server connection , connect to server and send message or file.
      • access operation (access external files) read , write from text file or create or delete file.
      • run exe, run any exe and parse for it any parameters.
      • record, record message.
      • transfer, transfer to another extension.
      • SQL server Database , access SQL server database.
      • send mail send mail and attachment file.
    • auto save trees save tree every user defined period.
    • can make Default tree when loading.
    • simulate the call flow while drawing the ivr tree.
    • provide many common and ready made trees.
  3. Trial Version Feature:

    • Can not support database and client/sever nodes.
    • support only one DTMF node.
    • support only one MULTIDTMF.
    • support only 10 nodes.

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